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  GuestBooker Free GuestBooker Plus GuestBooker Premium
A lifetime payment grants you full privileges for that level of service. If any additional features are granted to that service level, you will have access to those as well. Free $2.00/life
Use of the GuestBooker gadget on any website or blog      
Unlimited number of responses for your GuestBooker



Online account managment tools      
Customize the colors and fonts for your gadget      
Delete messages from your GuestBooker account      
Manage Multiple Guestbookers with your account  

up to 2

up to 10
Remove popups from the admin screens      
Receive a notification by e-mail when someone posts a new message on your GuestBooker      
Automate a thank you message. Send your respondants thank you messages as soon as they post something on your GuestBooker      
Respond to posts in your gadget      
View daily and monthly usage stats for your gadget.      


The GuestBooker gadget provides an interactive guest book application which can be customized and dropped into any web site.